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We have recently created this page to let you know what our customers think about House of Bebe Slings.
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“The product I tested was the House of Bebe Gift Pack. It consisted of a baby sling, a breast feeding cover and a baby bib. All three items were made of quality fabric and were very well finished. They all washed beautifully. The sling is comfortable to wear and keeps baby nice and snug. It was very simple to take on and off and I loved the fact that it was reversible. I chose one with navy on one side and it goes with lots of things. I use mine when shopping, so I have a spare hand and no fuss getting a pram in and out of the car. I may have ordered mine too small. I would suggest that people go on the larger side when placing their order, rather than opting for a smaller sling. My baby probably won't fit into it up to 12 months, maybe 10 months. The breast feeding cover is lovely. It was great to be able to adjust it. Very practical and stylish too. The bib was very cute. I loved all the designs on offer. There were some suitable for boys or girls. The press stud was great. My baby is old enough to try to tug his bibs off, but this one didn't budge. I would recommend these products to friends and family and would buy one as a gift for a mum to be.”
Karen, Jerilderie NSW (June 2012)
“Outstanding quality that exceeded my expectations, as I was half expecting a home based business style sewn up sling, cover and bib. What I received was a professional made, comfortable and stylish sling, cover and bib that me and my partner were happy to use and be seen using. Website looked professional and well laid out, making it easy preview and select modern designs I wanted. The gift pack was well packed and presented nicely. Overall great gift pack and good website for new or expecting mothers.”
Jackthemuz, Hmas Cerberus VIC (June 2012)
“My daughter has used the products for her baby.  She said the sling is so comfortable for both her and her baby. She was very impressed with the breast cover and found it also very comfortable. The quality of all 3 products is beautiful and the unusual and different designs make them very different from other baby products. Great product, highly recommended if you want something for your baby a bit different and of high quality.”
Gail, Matraville NSW (June 2012)
"I used my sling when Annabel, my 4th child, was 6 months old, with all the kinder and school runs I needed something to carry her, keep her warm and safe and have my arms free for holding my toddler's hand.  It was brilliant!  Very compact in my car too.  I even had a compliment from a 'Baby Bunting' staff member who said it was the best sling she had ever seen!  I also really loved the way it felt like she was cuddling me while in the sling.  Annabel was always happy in the sling too, I think it was comfortable, close to my heartbeat and her food source!  I have used the 'Baby Bjorn' with my other children but I found the House of Bebe more comfortable and less strenuous on my shoulders and back."
Elizabeth Stephens, mother of 4 and Midwife  (May 2012)
"We have just come back from our morning walk in the sling! I faced bub out to watch the world but she slept soundly all the way"
"I tried out a House of Bebe sling at a friends place yesterday and loved it! My 14 week old son was extremely unsettled, my friend suggested I try her sling and within a few minutes he was asleep in the sling! I found the sling effortless to use, my arms were free and I could feel no strain on my back. Honestly it is the most comfortable I have felt is the past 14 weeks when holding my son. Usually I find it only take a few minutes for everything to be aching when nursing my son-so I became an immediate convert to the sling. I cant wait for the sling to arrive!"
"Just wanted to drop you a quick line - we love love love our sling! we have a baby bjorn and a hug-a-bub which are both good in their own ways - but the house of babe sling is by far the easiest - i can put it in the baby bag and its really versatile - we are very happy with it :)"
"When we were out today, at Chadstone, a woman (with baby in pram) stopped me and asked where I got my House of Bebe sling.  She said it was one of the most attractive slings she'd seen - I agree" 
“Just wanted to let you know how happy l am after purchasing my sling from you.  It is so easy to wear, and my little man 'Charlie' loves it!! 
l've now had my sling for 3 months.. little Charlie is 4 months old and we use it every day for taking my daughter to school.  When out shopping the amount of people who stop and comment on my 'little joey' and ask where l got it from, l proudly mention you!!
Just last week l had my mum try it out... see all ages can wear it!!
Mums to be and new mums need to know how wonderful your slings are!!
Thanks again from a very happy mum....”
"I already had a baby sling but my daughter was never comfortable and always cried- I thought she was squashed.  My friend has always told me how she loves her House of Bebe sling so I tried hers with Lucy, and she LOVED IT! I noticed that the cut of your slings are different to others and Lucy sat deeper in the pouch which is why she was so comfortable.  Thank you so much- I always wanted to use a sling with my daughter because I love having her so close to me. With you slings I can do just that and we are both happy! "
"I have three different slings & my 'house of bebe' is by far the best.  Not only is it the most comfortable for me to wear but it's definitely my daughters favorite, it gets her to sleep every time & she'll stay that way for hours while I go about my business.  Which makes chores, socializing, shopping etc tear free & too easy.  I couldn't live without my sling!  Thanks heaps"
"The designs are simply stunning due to the use of contemporary and vintage fabrics and as they are reversible you can match them with your clothing (and mood!) everyday.  Have a look at some of the beautiful prints that are available at House of Bebe in the online shop."
Hip Little One
"...what I really love is that there are no crazy knots or unfathomable tying systems to work out- I could personally never manage that with an unsettled baby and so it is the simplicity of this sling that I really love and I think other mums will too."
Handmade Kids