House of Bebe - Company Message
If you have any questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us for more information:
Does the size refer to my baby or me?  The sizing refers to YOU- the person that will be wearing the sling.   All babies will enjoy your sling as long as it fits YOU correctly.
I am in between sizes, which one should I choose? 
In this case, the smaller size will be suitable and is encouraged.
Do I need to change sling sizes as my baby grows?
No, as long as the sling is the correct size for you/the wearer, you can use your sling with a newborn-12 month old.
For how long can I use my sling?  
The one sling will allow you to carry your baby in 3 different carrying positions for the first 12 months of your child’s life. 
Do you exchange or refund?  Yes we exchange.  You will need to include a self addressed postage paid envelope when you return the product to us.  We also refund within 7 days.  In both cases, the products need to be in the same condition as they were received (that is, not used or damaged).  To organise this, send us an email to
How much is postage within Australia?
A flat rate $3.00 postage charge will be added at the checkout.  Regardles of how many items you purchase, you will only be charges $3.00AU per order.  Postage is through Australia Post.
Do you accept International orders?
Yes, we welcome overseas orders.  Please email your order and address to and we will send you an invoice with the calculated shipping amount.
How can I tell the size of my sling?
House of Bebe slings now have the sling size on the permanent front label.  A S is small, M medium and L is large.
Can I wash my sling?
Yes, House of Bebe slings are machine washable.  To avoid shrinkage use a cold mashine wash and warm iron.
I have placed my order, what happens now? 
You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your purchase (normally within 2hrs).  You can reply to this email if you have any questions.
When will I receive my package?
Your parcel will be posted the same day your order is received (before 4pm).  On the odd occasion, it will be posted the very next day.
Your online shop is out of stock of my favourite sling, what can I do? 
Firstly, check with our stockists to see if they have it in stock for you.  Secondly, email us and we can tell you if we will be producing more.
What is a safe sling?
Below is a picture of a “Bag Sling” that was recalled as it does not provide any support for your baby.  These bag style slings are NOT RECOMMENDED and should not be used.  
A sling needs to offer the correct support for your baby that your arms would.  When buying a sling we recommend that you consider the following 2 points
1.  The design of the sling needs to support your baby.  The contoured pouch of the House of Bebe baby sling encourages your baby to lay a certain way offering correct support.  To achieve this, it is very important that your child’s bottom is always in line with the seam line of the pouch in every carrying position.
2.  You must use the correct size to achieve the correct support.  If a sling is too big, the baby will sit too low and this is when your sling will lose its support.  The baby needs to sit around your torso- no lower than the belly button.  Make sure you review our sizing information before you make your purchase.
Pass this information onto your friends as well so they can be educated when they choose their carrier.
And as with every baby product, regularly check on your baby.