House of Bebe - Company Message
House of Bebe® create beautiful and elegant baby slings that cradle and comfort your child whilst adding style to your next adventure.  Each sling has a reinforced contoured pouch which ensures your child is safely cradled close to you in each carrying position (0-12mths).  
Slings can give babies a sense of love and security as they can feel their mother's body warmth and heartbeat. House of Bebe® slings are simple in design, reversible and easy to use with no confusing straps and buckles.  With many designs available using exquisite fabrics, House of Bebe® keeps your baby close.
  The design of the pouch lets your newborn lay the same way as they would in the safety of your arms in a "cradle carry" position which comforts and settles babies as it reminds them of the womb. 
As eyesight develops, infants become curious, and in a "modified cradle carry" position they can view their surroundings whilst still leaning back on you for support.
Once your child has good head and neck strength, they can be taken to a "hip carry" position.  Once again, our contoured pouch lets your child sit safely encased the same way as they would if you were to carry them on your hip (their legs straddling your hips).
Newborn to Toddler 
Reversible: 2 slings in one 
Contemporary and Vintage fabrics
Reinforced stitching
Machine washable
Breathable fabric
Correctly supports your baby
Folds neatly in your bag
Allows for discreet breastfeeding